The sun rises on Dahican Beach, and the newly emerged Sea turtle beckons to the sound of gently crashing waves. It straightens its body and orients itself towards the ocean. It has never seen it before, but it knows exactly where it is. It drags itself across the warm sand and registers its location. And then, a burst of energy. Its siblings join the frenzy, and before long the quiet stretch of beach is peppered with hatchlings. Only one of them will grow old, but none of them have accepted that fate. The waves carry them away, and for the first time in their lives they are in their element. And all of a sudden, our turtle is alone. Endless blue in every direction and predators abound. But it knows that it has to keep swimming. It lifts its tiny head above the surface to take a quick breath, then ducks in and powers through. This is the beginning of a hundred year journey.